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Thursday, February 24, 2011


My mother passed away on December 26, 2010 at the age of 89, but I feel like I lost my "real" mom nine years ago. Mom had a stroke on February 11, 2002 which left her complete paralyzed on the right side and without the ability to speak what she was thinking (aphasia). Her mind was still very good which was very frustrating for all of us. She had been a strong, independent woman as were many of her generation and to be reduced to needing help with everything was horrible for her. She spent six weeks in the hospital, during which time my dad died, then she came to us. She was in rehab for a couple of months, then came to live at our home where she stayed for six months. Then my brother took her home with him for over two years until he just couldn't do the 24/7 care anymore so he brought her back here to live in the nursing facility in town just one mile from my home.

For almost six years we worked at making sure her needs were met and spent countless hours with her. She was able to come to our house for holidays and special occassions until the last month of her life. She loved being with the grandchildren and great grandchildren and, most of all, sitting outside in the sunshine. Six years can be a long, long time!

The last two weeks of her life were stressful, sad and sweet all at the same time. She spent five days in the hospital and was able to make her own decisions about what treatment she did and did not want. When she returned to the nursing home, the staff there greeted her with hugs and kisses as she had become like one of their own family members and they loved her. In another six days, it became evident that the end was near and we began to stay with her in shifts 24 hours a day. My husband, daughter, son, daughter-in-law and myself each took 4-5 hour shifts to make sure she was not alone.

During that time, the staff was absolutely amazing. I don't think anyone left their work shift without coming to say goodbye to her and then coming in when they came back to see if she was still with us. They kept her comfortable and clean and took care of us at the same time. I want to describe some of that care in a later post, but here is part of my "eucharisteo" during that time:

205.Safe travel for family
206. Boy singing
207. Hospital care
208. Brother here
209. Hard hallelujahs
210. New snowfall
211. Bright boy eyes at Christmas tree
212. Wonderful Nursing home staff
213. Assurance of grace
214. Beautiful hymns
215. Boys eager for Santa
216. Shimmery tree lights
217. Christmas Eve quiet
218. Christmas morning excitement
219. Pecan pie
220. Hand carved walking stick
221. Precious memories with daughter
222. Good books
223. Family support
224. Pictures to help remember
225. Nursing home aides
226. Peaceful passing


  1. Your thankful list sounds so similar to mine when my mom passed to the other side of eternity to live with the Lord. She died May 2010 in the long term care centre where I work. She moved there after her leg amputation 4 years prior. She had circulation issues since she was young. She volunteered at the care centre for over 20 years prior to that. Wonderful memories of a godly woman! She was 90.5 to the day!

  2. You write a beautiful tribute to your mother AND to your entire family. I suspect that you could do an entire post on your No. 209 - Hard hallelujahs. Hope you share with us. You are a delightful cyber blessing! :-)

  3. Hi Kathy... Haven't seen a post in a while. Know you are busy with your children and grands but want to be sure all is well. I miss your words of hope and praise. I name you as a special blessing.