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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


What a joy to come back today and see that I had received comments on my blog--such as it is. There are so many talented writers out there that I love to read. My list continues today--
11. Candles, feathers and rocks
12. Naps
13. Quilts-some pieced by one grandmother and quilted by the other.
14. A faithful husband
15. a cool morning with a hint of coming thunderstorms
16. Looking forward to vacation
17. Good medical reports
18. Memories of my father
19. Wind that clears the air and keeps the bugs away (but 55 mph??)
20. Mornings on the deck
21. Raspberries
22. The staff at the nursing home where Mom lives.
23. The scent of honeysuckle
24. Air conditioning!!
25. Watching granddaughter ride her horse well.
26. Sunshine at the beach
27. Grandson with us
28. Family memories
29. Early morning beach walk-snail trails, star fish, hermit crabs, rocks and shells
30. Flying kites
31. Shivery, wet children--all sandy
32. Sand castles
33. Running from the waves
34. Child--"Look, Nana, look!"
35. Fog
36. Tide pools
37. Jigsaw puzzles
38. Fresh seafood
39. S'mores in the fireplace
40. Safe trips back home

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