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Monday, September 5, 2011

The "New" New Year

September has become the "new" new year for me. Even though I no longer have children going to school (except for the granddaughter next door) there is something about getting back into the routine after summer that is comforting. I used to make New Year's resolutions on January 1, but now it seems that September might be the best time to do that. Things just feel more normal during the school year.

To catch up, our son and his boys moved back to Portland a couple of months ago as he finally found work again. They are happily back together as a family and even living in the same apartment complex as before. The boys will go to the same school and they are delighted to be back with their Portland buddies. I have been busy reclaiming my space in the house. I miss them, but know things are back as they should be with their family.

We had the boys here last week for a few days. They had a good time getting together with their best friends from last school year and going to the Fair and Rodeo. One whole day was spent riding the rides at the fair. Kevin loved the bumper cars and Nolan went nuts for the caterpillar roller coaster. Saturday we went to the parade and watched Kaytlyn ride with her drill team-her first experience riding in the parade. I hope we made some good memories.

This week Keith and I will be going camping with our Senior group from church. This is about the 4th year we have all gone together for the weekend after Labor Day. It is a fun and relaxing time after all the hub-bub of the Labor Day weekend.

Guess I lied about things slowing down! The last weekend of this month we are all going to the Oregon coast for a weekend. Then maybe it will slow down!

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