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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Impatient Patient

Patience/Patients. Sound the same, but in my case, they are worlds apart. Here I am, almost eight week post-surgery on my knee and I am more than ready for this to be over. People keep commenting about how amazing it is that the surgery (knee replacement) is so great. I am still waiting for the "amazing" and "great". It is getting better, but I just never thought it would take this long. The therapist says I am doing very well--better than a lot of people at this point.

One of the things that is so unsettling is just how much one has to focus on his/her self in this process. We really do take for granted the ability to just get up and go and do for ourselves. To be dependent is not in my nature and has been hard to accept. It is also difficult to focus on any one thing for very long. I had thought I would read a lot, etc., but my mind feels very scattered and the concentration level is not there right now.

Not sure what this all means except that I will try to be much more conscious of and sensitive to other people who are in a place of pain/recovery in the future. For now, I am grateful for good doctors, new procedures and pain meds!!

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