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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Old Knees

I had my annual physical yesterday and I seem (so far) to be doing well--except for my knees. I have arthritis which has gotten progressively worse over the past year and my doctor thinks I should consider knee replacement surgery soon while I am still healthy enough to tolerate it well. Easy for him to say! Does anyone ever see themselves in advance as needing this kind of thing? I am quite sure I am not old enough or crippled enough for joint replacement. Depending on the day, the pain is mostly quite tolerable. How do I know if and when I should do this? I think I will wait til the fall, then consult with an orthopedist before going ahead. Being incapacitated for 6 weeks doesn't sound like fun--I don't have time for that! In this day of modern medicine why can't they just inject some silicone or something and "re-pad" the joint.

If you can't tell, I am BUMMED OUT!!

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